One of a digital forensic or cybercrime expert’s most important functions is to serve as a testifying expert in court. Doing a good job in terms of the forensics goes without saying.  Writing a thorough and detailed report is also expected. Ultimately, however, the expert will subject his report and opinions to hostile examination.

Whether you are a plaintiff or the defendant, the key is to realize that it’s what you bring with you to court to back up your story — not what you say — that determines whether you’ll win or lose. This makes sense if you understand that the judge in most situations do not know who you are and whether your testimony is reliable.  After all, your opponent is likely to claim that the “true story” is extremely different from your version.

PM Investigation offers court consultation and expert testimony to help you with your case no matter what side of the case you’re on. We at PM Investigations come equip with a strong understanding of your case and can often offer the court diagrams to help illustrate your case to both Judge and Jury so that everyone fully understands your version of the case.