PM Investigations now offers custom screen capturing


PM Investigations now offers the ability to capture screens in their native digital format associated with devices. As with most requests, this new service was put in place to allow clients a visual method of seeing information pertaining to their cellphones (hence the name “Cellphone Capture”). Although PM Investigations continues to generate forensic images of devices (e.g., cellphones, computers, external devices, etc.) for examinations, having the ability to capture devices allows the clients to see special areas that in other situations wasn’t available.


Starting with the main capturing software, the Cellphone Capture (CC) application offers the ability to write text as an overlay to the screen capture, redact text that should not be shared, and cropping.  This powerful tool bar gives PM Investigations complete control over the pictures created.

A Powerful Set of Options

Cellphone Capture comes equipped with a powerful array of options to allow PM Investigations the ability to export pictures:

  • Generate TIFF files: A single file with multiple files contained within the file.
  • Generate Individual files: Single JPGs generated, named after the case name.
  • Create a PDF:  Creates a pdf file to preserve the look of the images.
  • Create a Reader Version:  Allows the attorney the ability to manipulate the view of the files without affecting the saved files.  This option allows PM Investigations the ability to making the reader file expire.

Reader Version Available

Optionally, for an additional fee, PM Investigations has a Reader version of Camera Capture that allows attorneys to view the images in their native digital format and allows them to create additional images where redacting or blurring areas may be important. Outlined in blue shows the toolbar for the Reader version. To purchase a Reader version of your case, please contact us. (Please Note: Licensing related to the Reader version is strictly to those who has an active case with us. A copy of the Reader version must be specifically requested.)