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With Digital Forensics, The Data Doesn’t Lie.

From Internet data that needs unraveled to a business’s time-tested intellectual property, the amount of data stored digitally on computers or cellphones today is astounding. And it’s growing. Often sensitive and private secured data falls into the wrong hands…or maybe vital information seems to be missing after a long-time employee suddenly quits.

In cases of murder, drug and embezzlement record keeping, financial fraud, and child pornography, data uncovered by digital forensics specialist can help settle a wide variety of disputes, including fraud, invasion of privacy, false criminal accusations, discrimination, and even harassment.

With over 30 years of law enforcement, investigative, research and analysis experience, PM Investigations, Inc. is a licensed private investigation agency specializing in digital forensics and cybercrime. By combining standard protocols with our proprietary techniques and in-house trade secrets, we offer a wide range of computer forensics services and benefits including:

  • Computer Forensic Surveillance ®
  • Cybercrime Consultation
  • eDiscovery Investigations and Services
  • Criminal Prosecution/Criminal Defense Investigation
  • Digital Evidence Investigations (Civil and Criminal)
  • Expert Testimony and Consultation
  • Proficiency with all types and versions of Windows©, Apple© and Linux© Operating Systems

You see, PM Investigations, Inc. doesn’t just follow the lead of the computer crime investigation industry. We set the pace and pave the way. And we understand that…

Truth Exists – Only Falsehood has to be Invented.

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