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With Digital Forensics, The Data Doesn’t Lie.

From websites someone frequently visits to a business’s time-tested intellectual property, the amount of data stored digitally today is astounding. And it’s growing. Often quite sensitive and private, secure data sometimes falls into the wrong hands… maybe vital information seems to be missing after a long-time employee suddenly quits; Or you suspect you’ve been a victim of Identity Theft.

In cases of murder, drug and embezzlement record keeping, financial fraud and child pornography, digital data can fill in the blanks when all the details aren’t yet known. Data uncovered by computer forensics can also help settle a wide variety of disputes, including fraud, invasion of privacy, discrimination and harassment.

Simply, the data tells a detailed story. And when it comes to your private information, it’s crucial to uncover and preserve those details with precision and expertise. With so much at stake, don’t trust just anyone. Enlist the help of a professional – PM Investigations, Inc.

With over 25 years of law enforcement, investigative, research and analysis experience, PM Investigations, Inc. is a licensed private investigation agency specializing in computer forensics. By combining standard protocol with our proprietary techniques and in-house trade secrets, we offer a wide range of computer forensics services and benefits:

  • Computer Forensic Surveillance ®
  • Cybercrime Consultation
  • eDiscovery Investigations and Services
  • Criminal Prosecution/Criminal Defense Investigation
  • Digital Evidence Investigations (civil and criminal)
  • Expert Testimony and Consultation
  • Forensics Lab in a Highly Confidential Location to Ensure Maximum Confidentiality
  • Expertise ranging from personal computers to complex servers
  • Proficiency with all types and versions of Windows©, Apple© and Linux© Operating Systems
  • Available to legal and business professionals; Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies, insurance companies; fellow private investigators; and private citizens
  • Male/female investigative teams
  • Leadership in agency founder, Jim Persinger, a Licensed Private Investigator and veteran software developer/law enforcement professional
  • Experience in more than 2,400 cases since 2001

Plus, we offer our own proprietary Security and Surveillance hardware and software for fellow private investigators, law enforcement professionals and individuals. You see, PM Investigations, Inc. doesn’t just follow the lead of the computer crime investigation industry. We set the pace and pave the way. And we understand that…

Truth Exists – Only Falsehood has to be Invented.

Please look around our site to learn more. Then Contact Us to find out how PM Investigations, Inc. can help you learn the truth through computer forensics and private investigation.

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