AM abbreviation ante meridiem

Main Entry: an·te me·ri·di·em
“an-ti-m&-‘ri-dE-&m, -dE-“em
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin
Date: 1563
Meaning: being before noon
Abbreviation a.m.

PM abbreviation post meridiem

Main Entry: post me·ri·di·em
-m&-‘ri-dE-&m, -“em
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin
Date: 1647
Meaning: being after noon
Abbreviation p.m.

How did PM Investigations get its name?

Early years when PM Investigations first launched its services, we discovered the majority of the data thefts or web site attacks occurred in the evening generally starting from 6:00PM and going well into the early morning hours. This was largely due to members of the company that was under attack left for the day, leaving the network unattended.

Who We Are

PM Investigations, Inc. is a Georgia and South Carolina licensed Private Investigation Agency (Georgia State License # PDC002023 and South Carolina License # 1528). We have over 20 years of Law Enforcement, Investigative, Research, and Analysis experience on our team. We offer a wide range of professional, discreet, and confidential services to the Legal Profession, Business Community, Insurance Companies, Private Investigators, and Private Citizens. PM Investigations, Inc. separates itself from other private investigation firms by specializing in CyberCrime and also offering male/female investigative teams.

We strive to provide the most professional, ethical, accurate, timely, and cost-effective investigations possible while maintaining the utmost respect for your confidentiality and adhering to all state and federal guidelines.

About our Chief Executive Officer

Jim Persinger, CFE, LPI, is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of PM Investigations, Inc. and is the lead developer for the Field Search, IronShield®, CATIE®, and I.C.I.E.® projects. He has 27 years of experience in software development and has been an independent commercial software developer since 1993. Mr. Persinger has 10 years experience as a sworn police officer (Cobb County Police Department, Georgia), has served as a P.O.S.T. instructor, and regularly provides computer forensic services and cybercrime consultation to Fortune 500 corporations, individuals and a wide variety of law enforcement agencies at the Federal, State and local. Mr. Persinger has conducted over 2,900 cases since being in business and has testified in several venues throughout the state of Georgia including the Federal Northern District.

How We Work

PM Investigations handles each case individually. When you contact us, we will meet with you at a time and location that is convenient for you.

Once the basic information is obtained we will prepare an investigative outline designed to obtain the maximum results. After this outline has been discussed with you we will begin the investigation and keep you apprised of the developments as they arise.

At the conclusion of the investigation you will be provided with a detailed report of all findings including documents, pictures, and/or video tape if necessary.


Reading PM Investigations, Inc. web sites or any other site belonging to PM Investigations, Inc. does not constitute a single agreement indicating you are an accepted client of PM Investigations, Inc., but does create a level of work ethics between you and PM Investigations.

As a client, you are very important to us. However, please understand our company exists due to having more than one client at the same time and at times we [PMI] may need to change our time of delivery related to reports or delay the time we can work on your case. Should this occur, we shall make every attempt to accommodate you but cannot offer any guarantees such as reduced billing fees or free investigative time or services.

Additionally, PM Investigations, Inc. reserves the right to stop working your case should we [PMI] detect any part of your case related to dishonestly on your part or purposely providing misleading information on your behalf. If we [PMI] detect this, the funds provided shall be forfeited and the material collected shall become property of PM Investigations, Inc.

If PM Investigations gave you courteous billing, you shall be requested to make payment in full. We are a full Private Investigations Firm (Georgia State License # PDC002023 and South Carolina License # 1528).

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