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This notice is to be considered as covering and pertaining to all software, software documentation, case information, new product ideas related to both hardware and software and any other document files found on the pages of the,, web sites,,, and, including but not limited to all email messages, FAXes are classified as the original work of PM Investigations, Inc and its Company and its respected owner. Other companies that may operate under the license of PM Investigations, Inc. shall include, but is not limited to, includes Silent Shield, LLC., a division of PM Investigations, Inc.

PM Investigations, Inc. will not disclose any information about your case or any of your personal information unless compelled to do so by a court order or law enforcement office. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your non-public personal information.

All the programs (executable binary files) and documentation (i.e., technical articles, help files and pdf files) located on the PM Investigations, Inc. (, and piwizzard, or web sites or other media means that have been transmitted by FAX, emails or others are copyright © protected (2001-2008), by PM Investigations, Inc., and we reserve and retain all rights pertaining to this software and documentation, future software and hardware presented herein and within the body of all authorized email correspondence.

The programs, help files, pdf files, and any other documents (except where explicitly identified as “free” or public domain) generated or authored by PM Investigations, Inc, or any of its employees or owner, and found on the site can be downloaded for the sole purpose of evaluation and review of a single user or organization.

Policies for holding the forensic image or forensic extraction:

PM Investigations, Inc. (PMI), once engaged in your case, will hold your forensic image or forensic extraction for 30 days after the initial set of reports has been provided to you. A report may be, but is not limited to, exhibits, written documents, illustrations, screen captures, or any other documents provided. After 30 days PMI may notify you of a holding time period to maintain the forensic image or forensic extraction, which is typically an additional 30 days. If we do not get a written response from you by the end of the second 30 days, and there is an agreement between you (the client) and PMI on file to continue to hold the forensic image or forensic extraction, PMI, at its own discretion may permanently destroy the forensic image or forensic extraction. All cases at the end of 60 days from the first set of reports are subject to a storage fee, set to auto-bill, every 30 days.

Polices for holding digital devices:
If you provided PMI with the actual device (i.e. computer, cellphone, external hard drive, etc.) and your case has been classified as “closed” by PMI, PMI must receive notification from you to either return the device or if you grant permission to destroy or repurposed the device. All devices are subject to additionally billing for holding. If you want the device returned you must provide PMI with either a FedEx or UPS account number and your desired location to return the device.

It is your responsibility to notify PMI of your intentions about what to do with the device. Once a case has been classified as closed by PMI, and PMI does not hear from you within 60 days from the date the case closed, PMI may considered the equipment abandoned, will become property of PM Investigations, and will be destroyed or repurposed in PM Investigations’ sole discretion.

Confidentiality Notice Regarding email and telephone communications:

All communication related to email traffic, telephone communication or data dissemination is privileged and/or confidential. If you are not the intended recipient of an email message, voice messaging or data, or believe that you have received any type of communication in error, please do not print, copy, re-transmit, disseminate, or otherwise use the information. Also, please indicate to the sender that you have received this communication in error, and delete the copy that you received. If your email discussions or telephone communications with PMI concerns data related to a digital or other electronic device(s), by responding to any email (or telephone voice mails), you are establishing you have a legal interest in the device(s)’s contents and a legal right to authorize PMI to further the investigation into such device(s). In the event this is not true, you must immediately notify PM Investigations in writing. Any office visits that requires access or review of our policies or how we conduct business must be done in writing (no photocopies allowed) and must be approved by our CEO.

All Scratch-Off Post Card(s): General Rules:

No cash value is associated with any Scratch-Off Post Card (“SOPC”). Only one (1) SOPC per person is allowed and cannot be redeemed or combined with other any other offer(s), discounts, giveaways or SOPC(s). SOPCs can only be used one time and only by the individual registering the SOPC with PM Investigations, Inc. All SOPCs are non-transferable and expire December 31st of the issuance year, unless express written permission is granted by PM Investigations, Inc.

No purchase is necessary to enter or to win. Void where prohibited. Rules and policies related to the SOPCs are subject to change from time to time, without notice. Please check back here for changes to the terms or conditions associated with SOPCs. It is your responsibility as the SOPC recipient to check for current rules, policies or changes. SOPCs are open to persons 18 years or older at the time of entry. All SOPC winners must wait one year from the date of their prize redemption from their SOPC before they are eligible to redeem another SOPC.

By submitting the SOPC code, you agree to release and hold harmless PM Investigations, and all of its affiliated companies, directors, officers, employees, representatives, partners, agents, heirs, successors and/or assigns from any and against any and all liability whatsoever for any actions, claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with use of the SOPC or arising out of or in connection with the acceptance, possession or use of any prize won (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages related to personal injuries, death, damage to, loss or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation or portrayal in a false light).

A list of winners may be made available to the public, but will only reference the name and state of each winner, unless otherwise permitted by the winner.

Additional Rules for All “Percentage Discount Prize” Scratch-Off Post Card(s):

All of the General Rules outlined above apply to SOPCs with a Percentage Discount Prize (“PDP”). Additionally, to claim your PDP, you must submit the original SOPC card (absolutely no copies, photocopies or other form of duplication or replication is permitted) with either an executed engagement letter or a signed services agreement with PM Investigations, Inc. for services provided by PM Investigations, Inc. All PDPs are a percentage of the initial fee only (as provided in either the engagement letter or services agreement); PDPs are not a percentage of the overall fees for services rendered by Pm Investigations, Inc. PDPs are not applicable to and specifically exclude any and all expenses, testimony fees, travel fees, late fees, administrative fees, or other associated fees or expenses.

Registered Owners:

Registered owners of PM Investigations, Inc software and / or files may download the files for the purpose of upgrading existing purchased copies of the software as per the licensing agreement(s). Each product contains its own EULA (End User License Agreement). Please read them for details. Once a product is purchased, and specifically in the case of Visual Report Manager where an Identity file may be sent to you, and is or has been provided by PM Investigations, Inc., you may not return the software for a refund. With the exception to some software (Device Collector, etc…) you may use as freeware. However no support is offered when using them nor is PM Investigations, Inc. to be held responsible should any of its software cause any data or hardware to cease to function prior to using the software. If you do not understand these arrangements, do not install any software. For additional comments and concerns, please visit our web site

Under no circumstances is permission given to copy any of the PM Investigations, Inc programs, document files, or technical articles to other web sites for the purpose of distribution. It is not permissible to mirror this software on another site. If you wish to maintain copies of these items on another web site you must obtain explicit, written permission from PM Investigations, Inc.

About how PM Investigations, Inc. handles its cases:

Reading PM Investigations, Inc. web sites or any other site belonging to PM Investigations, Inc. does not constitute a single agreement indicating you are an accepted client of PM Investigations, Inc., but does create a level of work ethics between you and PM Investigations. As a client, you are very important to us. However, please understand our company exists due to having more than one client at the same time and at times we [PMI] may need to change our time of delivery related to reports or delay the time we can work on your case. Should this occur, we shall make every attempt to accommodate you but cannot offer any guarantees such as reduced billing fees or free investigative time or services. Additionally, PM Investigations, Inc. reserves the right to stop working your case should we [PMI] detect any part of your case related to dishonestly on your part or purposely providing misleading information on your behalf. If we [PMI] detect this, the funds provided shall be forfeited and the material collected shall become property of PM Investigations, Inc. If PM Investigations gave you courteous billing, you shall be requested to make payment in full. We are a full Private Investigations Firm (Georgia State License # PDC002023 and South Carolina License # 1528).

Referral Fees:

PM Investigations, Inc. does not accept referral fees for cases that we send to other investigators or investigation agencies nor does PM Investigations pay a referral fees to other investigators or investigations agencies who send cases to us (PMI). If a representative of PM Investigations makes such offer, please contact our CEO ASAP.

Linking to PM Investigations:

You may provide appropriate links to the web site for the purpose of leading individuals to this online location. Each site that links to PM Investigations or any other company associated with PMI’s web site is subject to review by PMI and PMI may make a request to terminate the connection if PMI feels the connect is deemed inappropriate.

The information contained here is subject to change without notice. PM Investigations, Inc. is also known as PMI as indicated in this policy page and where ever indicated by PM Investigations.

Date of last update: 05/27/2016