Atlanta, Georgia, February 12, 2003 — PM Investigations, Inc., known in the Private Investigation industry for its methods of computer forensics and cyber crime join hands with the industry leader in security and network protection Technologies HQ.

Jennifer, built by Technologies HQ is a firewall that offers a complete solution to the protection of a network where an expensive firewall is not so affordable. Compared to the others in the market place, such as CheckPoint, implementing a firewall is price out of their budgets. But with Jennifer that protection now becomes available.

“Jennifer, a custom well built sophisticated Firewall will pay for itself.”, said Jim Persinger, CEO, of PM Investigations, Inc. “It will allow the small to median network complete protection from the passing threats of today and tomorrow.”

“We offer a fast, top-performing system that allows the end-user complete protection with a multitude of options.”, said Stewart Robinson of TechnologiesHQ. “We can build a Jennifer to fit the needs of everyone while keeping away from high costs sometimes associate with Firewalls.”

Jennifer is available in both rack-mount versions as well as standard towers. Setting up the firewall is usually done by one of TechnologiesHQ experts, but Jennifer can be pre-configured and shipped. This allows the firewall to be set up by anyone.

Jennifer has the following features that come standard with every machine ordered:


Allows remote access to your network.

Firewall provides customizable high security.

Forms the basis for a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

DNS round-robin and parking allows high availability for your website(s).

Perfect for companies wishing to telecommute!


Economical: avoid paying for a high-dollar internet connection when you can accomplish the same thing using DSL or another inexpensive mode of connection.

Easy to set up: configuring the client piece is simple.

Affordable: financing available.

Reliable: Jennifer allows high network availability.

For more information, please use the contact information below:

Technologies HQ
3477 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd.
Suite C
Suwanee, GA 30024

Office: 770-831-1036
Fax: 770-831-1037