PM Investigations, Inc. specializes in cybercrime consultation and investigations. Our trained investigative professionals employ the broad scope of services and Computer Forensic methods – including our own Computer Forensic Surveillance® – to locate and uncover the live data created during an act of cybercrime:

  • Deleted, encrypted or damaged file information
  • Internet/network log file tracking
  • Detection of unauthorized file copying
  • E-mail and documents search and recovery
  • Intrusion detection to other computers or networks

What is cybercrime?
Cybercrime is a civil or criminal incident involving the live data present on a computer or the Internet. It is an act of misuse where someone not authorized to do so uses the live data to cause change, harm or damage to the data’s true owner.

Cybercrimes can be divided into 3 areas:

  • Cybercrimes against persons.
  • Cybercrimes against property.
  • Cybercrimes against the government.

Examples of cybercrime:

  • Though simple in definition, cybercrime actually includes a wide range of computer crime or misuse:
  • Theft of trade secrets: Before an employee leaves your company, he or she collects your industry contacts and/or “magic formulas” with the intent to share the content across the Internet or with a new employer.
  • Theft of or destruction of intellectual property: An IT Administrator or employee you recently fired remotely sends a series of commands to your server, causing it to crash and lock you out.
  • Fraud: In hopes they can steal your identity, someone sends you a phony email that asks for your assistance and/or personal information.
  • Hacking: Your client’s ex breaks into your client’s personal email account by cracking code until the password is revealed or simply guessing the password and gaining access to the information.
  • Invasion of Privacy: Someone accesses your personal information without the authority to do so.
  • Child Pornography: A person collects images or videos of children in violation of Federal and/or State Laws.
  • Pirating: Copying or distributing software or hardware to those without paying for the product without the proper authority or permission to do so.

The rise in different types of cybercrime now consists of Computer trespass, Cyber bullying, and Cyber terrorism.

Any or all of the information PM Investigations recovers about cybercrimes like these may be helpful during discovery, depositions or actual litigation. Visit the PM Investigations’ Services page to learn more about how and whom we serve.