Atlanta, Georgia, February 20, 2004: Owned and operated by Lisa Hobgood, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Christina King, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences, Truthquest Laboratories, Inc. will provide to the private sector Semen identifications using techniques and methods relied upon by forensic laboratories across the country.

Truthquest Laboratories, Inc. has over 1800 case experiences in Semen Identification using state of the art forensic and proven scientific techniques.

“Finally, someone we can trust and is reliable!” said Jim Persinger, CEO, of PM Investigations, Inc. “Truthquest Laboratories, Inc. is within our client’s price range along with providing accurate results in a timely manner. A combination that’s hard to find with other labs.”

“The procedures used by Truthquest Laboratories, Inc. are not the same as those used by the “Do-It-Yourself” kits said CEO Lisa Hobgood of Truthquest Laboratories, Inc. which could have a high rate of false positives due to lack of experience on the part of the user.”

Using Truthquest Laboratories, Inc., you will be able to gain the confidence of your domestic investigations. These simple, affordable, and accurate methods further market your cases by indicating to your client if their spouse is sexually active.

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