PM Investigations, Inc. & Silent Shield, LLC release CATIE

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, new software in fight against crime

July 29, 2014

Atlanta, GA- Through a collective effort, PM Investigations, Inc. and Silent Shield has released its evidence gathering and tracking software, CATIE. CATIE

, or Capture And Track Investigative Evidence, offers active law enforcement personnel and government agencies a new, more sophisticated level of tracking, preserving, and securing online, offline, and real-time investigations and evidence.CATIE provides cost-effective tools to track, trace, and preserve evidence, which results in a more accurate and efficient data capture than most processes in use today. The software has an interactive command center (ICC) that operates in zones. The ICC collates and manages user profile preferences so multiple law enforcement officials can easily and methodically interact on the same cases.

The software is available to registered law enforcement and government agencies and offers features that include multiple, simultaneous video recording windows, advanced/automated screen capturing methodologies, specialized key logging capabilities, instantaneous Internet protocol (IP) tracking, encrypted agent-to-agent communications, fast report generation, and the ability to simultaneously manage multiple investigations.

Jim Persinger, CEO of PM Investigations, said “CATIE, developed by PM Investigations, will empower law enforcement in its fight against criminal activity, including the onslaught of human trafficking and child endangerment, drug and arms dealing, and hacking and cyber stalking. We look forward to getting CATIE in the hands of law enforcement.” “CATIE is only available through its distribution partner

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, Silent Shield, LLC, which consists of experience in technology research and development, law enforcement and military service, and computer programming”, Persinger continued.

Some of CATIE’s features includes multiple video capturing windows, advanced screen capturing, and sophisticated tracking tools. CATIE can be used for online investigations, offline investigations and real-time investigations. To register for CATIE® or to learn more about the range of software editions, please visit

Media inquiries may be directed to Evelyn K. Bishop-Persinger at or (678) 838-4243.