ATLANTA, Georgia, January 10, 2011 — Jim Persinger, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, of PM Investigations, Inc. announced and opened PM Investigations’ BLOG posts at

Mr. Persinger was quoted as saying, “For years we’ve posted to Internet forums, newsgroups, expert boards, and panel discussions, along with communities, organizations, and associations. Now, it’s time for PM Investigations to host its own BLOG. The real difference is that our BLOG is not intended to tout our services or skills; it is intended to be another Internet resource to any individual, corporation, or other entity that is seeking information about computer forensics and cybercrime as a whole. Our BLOG is just one more component to the company’s vision and mission, part of which is to empower individuals, corporations, and private and public organizations with the knowledge, tools, and best practices.”

To visit PM Investigations’ BLOG, go to:

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