ATLANTA, Georgia, March 18, 2009 – Today, Jim Persinger of PM Investigations, Inc., who is the Lead Developer for I.C.I.E. announced Silent Shield LLC, has signed up ABC-US, Inc. to be the first Dealer to start selling I.C.I.E. ® software and merchandise nationwide for educational facilities, both public and private.

ICIE®, which stands for In Case of Internet Emergency, is a software application that can be downloaded directly to each computer interfacing with the Internet. I.C.I.E. is a simple and effective method of reporting suspicious, dangerous, or illegal activity discovered on the Internet to the appropriate authority. I.C.I.E.’s reporting mechanism can provide law enforcement or other authorities enough information to determine what action, if any, needs to be taken. I.C.I.E. stands for In Case of Internet Emergency.

Mr. Persinger was quoted as saying, “It is with great enthusiasm and precedence to have ABC-US come on board with Silent Shield as the first authorized Dealer for I.C.I.E.®. Bill Abroms’ organization brings a great deal of talent, dedication and enthusiasm to Silent Shield’s team and we are proud to be associated with them.” Mr. Persinger continued by saying, “ABC-US has been marketing and selling technologically advanced products across industries for a number of years. They understand emerging technology and the importance of being on the cutting edge and have recognized I.C.I.E.® as being just that, on the cutting edge of On-Line (Internet) and Off-Line Safety.”

When asked about joining Silent Shield as the first I.C.I.E.® Dealer, Bill Abroms, Vice President of ABC-US, stated, “It is exciting to be part of the Silent Shield team. Both our companies believe that our collected efforts will make an incredible impact on Internet safety and the safety of our children at school. If we save only one child from a harmful or dangerous event, whether on the Internet or at school, we will consider ourselves successful!”

Silent Shield LLC is a Georgia corporation based in Atlanta. Silent Shield, LLC is exclusively licensed to market and sell I.C.I.E.® software and products for PM Investigations, Inc. The Management Team of Silent Shield is comprised of former law enforcement, teachers, doctors, attorneys, and product/marketing experts. I.C.I.E.® is patent-pending. For more information related to ICIE, please visit

Based in Duluth, Georgia ABC-US, Inc. is a Georgia corporation and offers IT professionals and architects with specialized computer forensic software, Internet security protection devices, and other products ranging from high-capacity storage, archiving, media duplication, to hard disk duplication. ABC-US may be reached at 770.448.5667 or on the web at

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